Words by: Tommy Wiratama / Photograph by: Eldo Wana Kusuma
Canon 60D

Sometimes, when we are at home, we listen to many tiny things while doing activities. We listen to the sound of air, water, trees, leaves, the sound of our atmosphere. We feel that there must be a specific melody or tune that fits our mood in those moments. Even when we are not hearing any sound at all, sometimes we feel an imaginary melody that drifts in our head and just fits well with us. People just want to spend their precious time at home peacefully, so do I. I often selectively pick any sounds that feels perfect with my disposition. We are also travelers, wherever we go, we listen to many things. Forests, hills, mountains, beaches and seas they all have their own sounds, people who travel more will listen more and see more.

Tunes by Heim is a sort of compilation of those imaginary sounds that drifts in our head. We try to catch any abstract melodies to trace back to our memories at home, wherever we go. It is a dedication to people who think the same way as we do, and we believe everyone has experienced this feeling.