Words by Tommy Wiratama
Photos by Brooke Holm
Source from Assemble Papers

Mineral Matter is a stunning series by the talented photographic artist Brooke Holm that showcases the beautiful landscape of Icelands river deltas and the volcanic ash, sediment and colourful minerals that have been carried and deposited by flowing mineral water. The interplay of stunning beauty with a hint of human presence weaving in and out of shot adds context to otherwise abstract forms, providing more depth in each photo story and questioning the dominance of human activity.

‘I’m so tired of witnessing humans destroying the environment like mindless fools, so I particularly wanted to capture a place where the thought of humans having dominion over the landscape was impossible, perhaps laughable,’ the photographer explains. ‘When you’re standing in front of a volcano, it’s hard not to be slammed with some kind of perspective that puts you back in your place. It demands respect. So, I wanted to see it for myself, and share it.'

Currently based in New York, Brooke’s practice takes her across the world, documenting landscapes in a considered and distinctive approach for which she has become renowned.

Brooke is able to represent the forceful command of nature with a divine sensitivity, showing textured tracks; flights of birds; and ripple of waves to create a sense of uninhabited wilderness. Her lens captures the awe-inspiring influence of nature and puts humanity’s domination over the environment into question.

Brooke’s work has featured in a number of solo and group exhibition across the world, this will be her second solo exhibition with Modern Times.