Words by: Adrian Devara / Photograph by: Tommy Wiratama
Canon & Lumix

On June 2013, a good friend of mine told me that he wanted to create something that defied the current trends and pattern he saw in what people was wearing and living through at the time. In a way I felt the same way, which is why I am always wearing practically the same attire everyday to wherever I may go to, because everyone looks the same.

I always went with the same shirt, the same jacket, the same pants and the same shoes, as I was not one for hype and trends, and that I felt that what I wore signified and characterized who I am.

We sat together, initially three of us in a coffee shop and talked about this project we wanted to conceive. I explained to the third founder-to-be as to what we were aiming, to be something not swayed by trends and vogue, to provide comfort to the ones who chose to wear our goods and to give people the feeling of home wherever they may be. We wanted to fill the closets of people who are living in comfort, and those who wanted to take the feeling places. We wanted to make an impact, and this has been our driving force for the past year.

Our last member is a close associate of the third founder, and we also wanted him to be on board. All four of us sat down in a preferred café in the middle of Southern Jakarta, and talked about where we wanted to take this idea, what we wanted to do, what we hoped it would accomplish, how we’re gonna do it. As we sealed our hopes and ideals in this project, we settled on the name, “Heim”íslenska (Icelandic) for “Home”, and we purvey home goods and apparel with comfort in mind. We picture people being who they are when wearing and using our goods, as they felt like as if they are in their own skin.