Words by Tommy Wiratama
Photos by Tommy Wiratama
Special thanks to Nadia Araditya P.

This year's WTF 2019, we had a chance to do a collaboration with one of the uprisings South-Jakarta based indie band, Glaskaca. Glaskaca is an alternative rock act hailing from South Jakarta with a growing reputation as one of the finest new bands in Indonesia. Formed in 2013, this collective act that consist of Dias Widjajanto, Rayhan Noor, Aldi Nugroho and Moses Yanuar has since released 2 EPs and 2 singles. Staedig EP, which was released in 2017, has been acknowledged as one of the most unique records the scene has ever seen. Their full debut that has been released last year was highly anticipated.

This collaboration product is mainly inspired from their first debut album 'Adendum' which already seen and felt gloomy alternative rock and semi-heavy instruments. We've decided to make our signature coach jacket for all the members and altered some details with a printed motive that ultimately represents the poetic feeling. Combined with the current artist's visual on the stage, the specific graphic was made to complete the experience during the act. 

Read all of our short conversation with all band members during their preparation to WTF 2019, their reaction to dressing up on a stage and their astrology beliefs in the section below.

Q: What are you guys up to?

A: We The Fest 2019 preparation, recording and song production.


Q: Who are you listening to recently?

Dias: Thom Yorke, Anima just because it just released recently and Bon Iver, Faith.

Aldi: I recently listened to Lion King soundtrack full album

Rei: Bon Iver, because the new contents are too damn good,, and I found out a band called Joan, city pop 80's style, and because I'm working on the similar kind of band right now so..

Tama: I am currently listening to Indo music '80s since 2 months back like, Mus Mujiono, January Christy, Dewa - Terbaik Terbaik


Q: So these are the questions that not related to the music and bands, do you guys believe in astrology?

Glaskaca (laugh)

Tama: Believe it or not. Spiritually speaking, they say if the gravitation in planet A correspond to the Teta wave so that affects today's decision making.

Rey: I know some people that study this really deep, but for me, I find it for fun only.

Aldi: I don't believe it at all

Dias: Believe it or not, because I found it reflects me sometimes.

Tama is Pisces

Aldi is Cancer

Rey is Gemini

Dias: I knew I am an Aries my whole life, but recently I found out that I might be Pisces as well because I was born on 21st March.

Q: Do you guys believe in superstition as well?

Tama: Can you give us an example?

Tommy: Well, for me there is one thing that actually doesn't make any sense but it always gets me. Someone told me to don't clip your nails at night because your parents might die sooner. It is actually doesn't make any senses at all right? Then until now I never clip my nail during night time I don't know why.

Tama: I know that one bird that sounds specifically like this. Actually, I never know what kind of bird but if you hear that kind of bird sounds, that means there's death near that place in the near future, not in a bad way.

Rey: I don't know if this is true, but there's someone psychic told me that there's 'someone' protecting me. The first time I knew it when I was fell asleep and then I don't know if I was dreaming or not, but I can see my body just like Astral Projection, and then I tried to sleep again, suddenly there was a gamelan sound very loud.  When I turned my head to the right side, there's a woman reading Tahiyat Akhir to me. It took place in my own room there, then the woman smiled at me, not that kind of scary smiling.

Then, 1 year later I didn't experience any kind of that feeling again, however after that in the next 3 consecutive month another year, I’ve experienced something strange, so whenever I was on a car ride, the rear mirror always hit by something. I don’t what that means, but someone psychic told me that ‘someone’ was trying to its presence.


Q: If you guys have a plan to travel together, which area or country do you wish to go?

Reyhan: We’ve thought about it, about a workshop in Bali.

Aldi: Japan!

Dias: We’ve been to Singapore together, we’ve been to a metal band concert, Periphery.


Q: Do you guys willing to go to an unknown place to record?

Tama: We want to do that, but the logistic is the major issue for doing this. There are some bands that have done a similar thing as well: Pee Wee Gaskins, BIP and others.


Q: How are you guys feel with the production team behind all the costumes or make ups for one band, let’s say Bjork and Empire of the Suns?

Tama: Very important, for me from the music point of view is the key to represents those feeling. For example, if you wrote a song about a mountain then you have to be able to express those mountain feelings. Visual is also an important factor aside to music to deliver the experience to anyone who watches the show. It’s a package for me.

Reyhan: For me, I really want to bring this second era of Glaskaca to baroque. However, when I made the song arrangement it was really really hard, so maybe we need to reset it all. Only if I can deliver the music and vision of this baroque as a whole is monumental.


Q: How do you guys compare your previous records to your current single ‘Semampumu’?

Dias: It is a totally straight forward song, you can obviously feel straight away when you first hear it. We want it to delivery easily and make people relate. In terms of songwriting, this one is different to the previous records where we have 5-6 minutes of raw music which are very long, but now I don’t know why the songwriting is simpler and mature.


Q: How do you guys be able to get to WTF 2019 stage?

Dias: It wasn’t an easy ride, we joined the audition 2 years ago in 2017 through a demo submission, but unfortunately we failed on the next stage. In 2018, we did not apply for WTF 2019, until this year, we received an invitation to perform live. We feel happy and grateful.


Q: What event or stage is your ultimate wishlist?

Dias: Glastonbury, literally because I like the event.