Words by : Raka Prayuga / Photograph by : Jean Couvreur

Banc Frais is a bench that designed for the public space at Lyon City Festival which held each year in Lyon, France. The bench it self is a concrete bench with water supply that represents aesthetics, minimalism, and simplicity.

Jean Couvreur, the designer of this bench using white concrete that retains the freshness of the water and also adds a very calm and fresh mood to the object. The fresh water is needed to dampen the bench structure.

Not only about aesthetic and minimalism, this bench represent as an example of the sustainable design idea. Banc Frais could be part of the city buildings and contributes to reduce the heat in public space on this global warming era.

So, Jean Couvreur is aware and considerate of environment while designing the Banc Frains and that’s so essential for every product designer.