Tue, Dec 23 2014

Wear Linen

Words by: Tommy Wiratama / Photograph by: Adrian Devara
Canon 5D Mark II

A few months ago, I visited one of my friends’ house during night time. We drove not too long from my place to his, inside a residential area in Tangerang, Indonesia. Once we arrived, I was so awestruck by his house that I asked him who was the designer of such a place. It was designed by one of many famous architects in Indonesia, whose name is Tan Tjiang Ay. No excess lighting during the night and no artificial lighting during the day, as they explained. Half of the house is made out  of glass windows, which leaks a lot of direct sunlight entering the house before nightfall. 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen and a japanese style living room, the house is styled in an overly-minimalistic manner but it feels glorious.


With the cooperation of the Wirjadi family, Heim Team prepared for the first campaign shoot in this particular house. Our main objective of this campaign is to showcase to the people about our brand’s aim. We wanted our customers to understand through these few images, what this is all about. ‘Wear Linen’ is the chosen title of our campaign, it is about how people could live and wear linen as their second skin and how they could get lost in its comfort.