Mon, Aug 07 2017

THEY New York Canvas

Words by : Raka Prayuga / Photograph by : Taleen Dersdepanian

Young fashion brand with minimalist crafted sneakers that feature embedded geometric shapes that looks so nice for minimalism enthusiast. The design itself inspired by geometric precursors of German Bauhaus and modern Japanese graphics and architecture.

THEY is focus on finding the delicate balance between intricate construction and elegant design, to create something austerely simple yet essentially versatile.

Inspired by contemporary concrete architecture, THEY introduces fresh colourways such as muted grey and off-white tones and use canvas material for an alternate selection; breathable lightweight sneaker for warmer climates.

Through their footwear, THEY look look to capture both practical functionality and an inarguably sophisticated aesthetic. And, their goal is to present a new alternative in lifestyle footwear with original designs and a fresh outlook