Tue, Feb 02 2016

Moods By Heim: Laurelle

Words by: Tommy Wiratama / Photograph by: Izzat Emir & Tommy Wiratama
Canon 60D

Walk, always walk and then lost in the serenity.

We have been looking for a long time for a moment like this, the right time to wear linen in the weather like this, to fully experience the true beauty and comfort that exist from the surface of linen. We met Laurelle, our beloved friend who is currently studying fashion in London, had a chance to experience the comfort of linen fabric on a day in Newcastle city. As it was warm, bright and windy descend on the city, we took a long stroll in the busiest place in the city.

The birds chirping, people passing, faces on the ground, sky felt so lofty and surreal. The air is elevated with dreams of flying. It was snug, gentle embrace. As she walked to the city, the rhythm of her feet, she just lost in these dispositions. How would you describe your daily mood?

Moods by Heim is a curated video project by Heim, our diary of visual images and melodies. The video tells the story of one individual and our products will assimilate their life.