Tue, Jun 30 2015

Moods By Heim: Gupita

Words by: Tommy Wiratama / Photograph by: Tommy Wiratama

It was bright, then suddenly all clouds turned dark before the night falls.

Moods by Heim is a series of story that appear on its own. In the midst of our ever growing technology and social culture, people slowly lose their identity and become afraid of their own image. The society becomes something much more predictable and inordinately safe, repeating the same, redundant cycle every year.

But, you would always be quite familiar with all the affable feelings of Sunday morning breeze in the city, shiftless on the bed all day, or the strange yet joyful time surrounds when you are all alone in the house, or if it is really difficult to explain, pick your favourite song when you are alone. ‘These’ moments are basically the ones that generate Moods by Heim. It’s a series of ‘every day story from everyone’ who lives in a very specific kind of style, which is probably still vague, but now we are collecting those ideas into videos that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.

The first Moods by Heim features our good friend, Gupita, who loves linen as her daily clothes, and in the gloomy days. Woke from bed, and away to the beach.