Mon, Aug 21 2017

Familiar by Luca Picardi

Words by : Raka Prayuga / Photograph by : Luca Picardi

Has strolling Helsinki’s new neighbourhood Jätkäsaari become an extension of walking along a path of London's Kings Cross redevelopment zone? Are cities looking more alike? If so, how are these developments collectively shaping the experience of the city?

Familiar is a book that explores pattern of mimicry in contemporary urban development projects from Fjord City in Oslo and HafenCity in Hamburg to Nine Elms in London and Stockholm’s Royal Seaport.

The publication re-frames existing marketing surrounding these projects through open-source data that available online. The result is the presentation of a familiar reality, not a production of new work.

With support from the British Council and HIAP through a residency at Helsinki Design Week, Familiar has been presented at Pecha Kucha, exhibited at HIAP, Helsinki and showcased at Helsinki Design Museum.