Wed, Feb 28 2018

Diptych House in Sicily

Words by Tommy Wiratama
Photos by Alberto Moncada

Diptych House stands out in laid back Ionian island in Syracuse, Sicily’s historical centre of Ortigia Islands. The original fisherman’s house was renovated by local creative firm Moncada Rangel duo Fransesco Moncada and Mafalda Rangel. A husband and wife team who also happen to be OMA alumni.

Bright pops of primary colors - blue, red, yellow and green - punctuate the otherwise clean colour scheme in shades of white. This creates a serene and yet quirky environment, one that promotes relaxation but never to the detriment of enthusiasm. Take for instance the ceramic tiles that cover the walls of one of the bedrooms; they are handmade and painted by local artisans in a blue, wavy pattern that not only brings to mind the ever-changing sea outside the bright windows, but also resembles an Ellsworth Kelly painting.

Meanwhile, walking up the sunshine-yellow metal staircase, through the blue-trimmed doorway and out onto the roof terrace leads to another one of these color-infused compositions - a giant red circle painted on one of the walls highlights not only the outdoor shower, but also indicates the direction of the sunrise over the sparkling blue sea. This is perfectly balanced by the green of the cacti which are potted in red terracotta containers and intersperced throughout the sunny space. It seems no detail has been forgotten at the Diptych House and all combine to create a most covetable hideaway by the sea.