Wed, Jun 28 2017

Collection No. 3: Easy

Words by Tommy Foeng

There is a heavenliness to taking life slowly.

We travel the world seeking adventure, thinking these are the experiences worth having and stories worth telling. But once we come back home and go about our daily business, memories start to fade and we are back to the same old song and dance of chasing time and juggling activities. 

It takes a lot of reorganizing neuropathways to actually enjoy the feeling of having nowhere to go and nothing to do. This timeless, floating life is not really sustainable. Nothing lasts as this beautiful, here and now presence is ebbing away from me as my armor and identity returns. Living a life with intention and mindfulness.

Collection No. 3: Easy derives from a very specific lifestyle people who wanting to live their live to the easiest way. The main original shapes of this collections is inspired from sleeping apparel and leisurewear with more minimalistic finishing. This is a dedicated collection for those people who wanted to slow down and give the time to be awake and realize that pleasure consists of simple, intimate and detailed moments strewn together.