Tue, Sep 19 2017

A Certain Silence by Jim Verburg

Words by : Raka Prayuga / Photograph by : Jim Verburg

A Certain Silence is a self meditation on reflection, absorption, opacity, and translucence of Dutch-Canadian multimedia artis Jim Verburg. Although the pieces are seen as a minimalist aesthetic, instead of relying exclusively on traditional approaches to this mode of production, he utilizes the tools of printmaking in exploratory and unintended ways, creating monochromatic compositions that stand as a testament to the balance between playful experimentation and a painstaking attention to detail.

Combines natural materials like cotton paper and industrial materials like Mylar or plexiglass, he tried to create highly constrastung structure. Verburg has developed a notable method of layering materials in order you achieve his characteristic glow or “hum”.

A Certain Silence presented for Jim Verburg first solo show in Toronto. Although categorically minimal, several of his work are markedly complex in their construction as you can read the process above.

For me, A Certain Silence is an example of the complexity that you can't see in the minimalist art. The output is minimalist, but the process is not as minimalist as you see.